For Other Groups

Why Does Hollywood Matter? – Hollywood is the center of global art, storytelling and entertainment. What are each of those and what do they bring to the development of the human person?

How to Watch a Movie – Dividing movies into its principles parts in terms of content and form. Discuss genre and how movies create and build emotion.

Understanding Artists and How to Shepherd Them – The demands of beauty and the nature of creativity. The prophetic and priestly role of the artist. Discerning artistic efforts given to the whole community from those meant to nurture the soul of the artist.

What is Beauty and Why Does it Matter? – The tri-fold nature of the beautiful and the gifts that it brings to human life. The obstacles to perceiving the beautiful. The reasons that we have lost the beautiful in modernity and particularly in the Church.

Five Things We All Can Do to Fix the Culture Fast – Analysing the state of culture in the wake of the sexual revolution. Positive steps that we can take as individuals and through our institutions to reverse course.