Kitchen FAQs


Q. How much does a consult cost?
A. Script consults start at $500. Phone consultations for ideas start at $150 an hour. See our rate sheet for more details.

Q. How long will it take me to get my consult?
A. The initial $100 consult can be done within ten working days. The comprehensive critique for a standard screenplay generally takes two to three weeks.

Q. Do you analyze books? What’s the process for this?
A. Yes, we will consult on a book’s potential to be made into a movie.

Q. What format should I submit my project?
A. We take pdf. For the initial evaluation. If you want line notes on your comprehensive consult, you will need to send us a hard copy of your screenplay. .pdf is the safest format to send your work since it cannot be altered.

Q. Do you consult on TV scripts, Documentary scripts or Webisodes?
A. Yes.

Q. Will you give me feedback on my novel?
A. We will give feedback insofar as it’s potential for adaptation to the screen. We do not consult on narrative writing.

Q. I’m not sure if I need a full consult, but I need direction- can I just tell you about my idea?
A. Yes, we will talk with you over the phone for $150 per hour.

Q. Can we meet in person for our consult?
A. Yes. You can come to us, or we can come to you, provided you cover our travel.

Q. How safe is my project? How can I be sure that my idea won’t get stolen?
A. It is the responsibility of the writer to protect their intellectual property. We strongly recommend you copyright your project with the copyright office and register it with the WGA. Projects submitted to Catharsis will be kept in complete confidentiality among Catharsis staff only. We will not share your project or any of it’s elements (characters, plot, storylines) with any third party. Our staff also makes the commitment they will not use any of those elements in their own projects.

Q. Will you help me get an agent?
A. No.

Q. What if you really like my project? Then will you help me get an agent?
A. No. However, if your project is deemed ready for collaborators, we’ll make recommendations for people who can help you get to the next step, whatever that may be.