The Lab

Stretch your Development Dollars
Hollywood spends hundreds of millions every year developing stories for movies and television. Most small production companies don’t really need an entire development staff for the periodic seasons where they are focusing on story. Awash in stacks of screenplays, too many companies entrust their first look at projects to inexperienced eyes.

Catharsis offers a solution to small and mid-level production companies as a way to maximize your development resources. Catharsis is an experienced intelligent partner who will provide objective analysis and recommendations that you can trust. Fixing screenplays is a highly skilled art and craft. When you need brilliant story analysis, we’re here as needed, freeing up those resources for your company to focus on other areas of production.

Communicate Effectively
We’re writers, and we know how to talk to writers. We know how to nurture and motivate them to help them produce their best results, meet their deadlines, and can act as liaisons between producers and writers. Let us be the intermediary between you and your writer/artist, to help them deliver what you want.

Many projects flounder because of failed communication between the creative and the practical minds that must work together to get a film made. Let us help you with that.

Get the Job Done
Catharsis offers a variety of services to help your project succeed:

Catharsis Story Lab Writers- The whole reason we founded this company is because we so believe the process of screenplay writing and development is so broken, the achievement of a beautifully written, commercial screenplay has become a fluke. We don’t think a screenplay development should be a crapshoot to produce 10 bad movies to get one good one. If a company wants to submit a project to the Catharsis story lab, we will assess it with our team of highly talented trained writers. If we accept it, it will be assigned to a writer, and subject to the notes and consultation of the entire writing team. Every step of the writing, rewriting and polishing of the script will be the fruit in the collective minds of the writers lab. We can partner with you and help you every step of the way, from inception of the idea, to the executing the final draft.

Rewrites- Need a fresh writer? We can help with standard rewrites and polishes as specified by the WGA.

Dialogue, character, format, or joke punch-ups: our staff specializes in a variety of genres.

Money-saving script fixes- we’ll comb through your script and offer suggestions for fixes that both serve the story and your budget.

Wading through scripts- If you are buried in potential projects, we’ll evaluate scripts in bulk to help you narrow down the pile and find what you are looking for.

Projects you like – If you have a couple of projects you like, we’ll assess what’s most worthy at this time, in this market, make recommendations where they are in the development process, and what they need to move forward.

Writer Evaluation- When you are considering writers for a project, we can help you determine whether which writers can deliver what you need.