“Vicki and Barbara are two terrifically talented writers, with a keen knowledge of story and a thorough understanding of what works — and what doesn’t — in a Hollywood screenplay. And they’re not afraid to tell it like it is.”

 –Scott Teems, Writer/Director That Evening Sun, winner of the SXSW Audience Award.

“Barbara is scary smart, knowledgeable, sassy, devout, entertaining. As they say, run don’t walk, to hear her!”

–Janet E. Smith, Ypsilanti, MI

“I have had the honor and pleasure of knowing Vicki Peterson for several years, and trust her judgment in stories and her professionalism in this industry greatly.”

–Bernadette Rivero, Founder & President, The Cortez Brothers

“Barbara taught me at the Act One: Writing for Hollywood program in 2004. During this month-long course I was continually amazed by her knowledge of both the screenwriting craft and the movie business as a whole. It was like drinking from a fire hydrant with all the wisdom she poured over us that summer. No exaggeration, I still hear her voice EVERY TIME I sit down to write today. And I could list at least ten things off the top of my head that stuck to me so profoundly, but I’ll spare you the read so as not to spoil anything when she comes to speak to you in person. If you let Barbara Nicolosi come give a speech at your school, class, ceremony, or function you will NOT be disappointed. I promise!”

–Aaron A., Ft. Worth, TX

“Vicki is smart, observant …hilarious… and has a keen eye for story, character and the bigger picture. Beyond her creative skills, she somehow manages to also possess great business skills and is an organized, calm and encouraging leader. I would hire her and/or work with her again in a heartbeat. Did I use the word integrity in there somewhere? Because that shouldn’t be left out when talking about Vicki.”

–Clare Sera, Screenwriter, Walden Media

“Barbara is an articulate and insightful speaker. As a former student, I had the privilege to hear Barbara speak at various functions and she never disappoints: her acerbic wit and wisdom will win you over as she engages you to reflect and think critically on the topic at hand.”

–Phil Thompson, Calabasas, CA

“With a penchant for witty and insightful gleanings into the human heart, both Vicki and Barbara brought the theory of story to a point where it met our individual, actual lives–marrying authenticity and depth of truth into how we write.  Bringing them out to speak was a “must have” event for us, changing all our story ideas, understanding, and writing for the better.”

 –Libby Friz

“Barbara is one of the most intelligently passionate speakers I’ve ever heard – and these days those two factors do not often go hand in hand. Unwilling to pull punches and sharp as a tack, her insights and experience are a wealth of inspiration, encouragement and wisdom for anyone within earshot. Her lectures encouraged me as a Christian, an artist, a business woman and simply as a woman. Thank you, Barbara.”

–Chloe, Denver, CO

“In a field overrun with wannabes, Vicki is that one-in-a-hundred persons who actually knows what she’s talking about…”

–Chuck Konzelman, Writer/Director, Numenorean Films

“Barbara Nicolosi not only has excellent public speaking skills, but much more than that, she knows what she is talking about. Although Catholic, she is also effective with Protestant audiences. If the topic is media related, Barbara has interesting and important things to say.”

–Dr. Tom Nash, Professor Emeritus, Biola University

“I heard Barbara speak at a symposium at UIC (University of Illinois at Chicago). She was thoughtful, engaging, and hilarious!”

–Terri Aluise, Chicago

“Extremely professional, organized and very capable. One knew that when Vicki was involved with the project, it was going to get done with tenacity, joy, care and character. Vicki has the ability to dissect problems and synthesize new information in a way that is effective, efficient, joyful and excellent. She worked very well with groups yet has excellent leadership skills. Direct, fair, honest yet tactful. Would jump at the opportunity to work with her again.”

–David Nicksic, VP Operations and Development, Origin Entertainment

“What I appreciate about working with Vicki is that her focus is not just getting words down on the page, but rather, her desire to capture the underlying ethos of the characters and story.  That is a rare trait amongst many contemporary writers.”

 –Ken Stewart, Producer

“Barbara has a tremendous grasp of past history and current culture. To that, she brings a biblical perspective of the Church’s responsibility (and opportunity) to engage and impact culture. Add to this, she is an entertaining and captivating speaker. You will not be disappointed!”

–Steve Vinson, Chandler, AZ

“It was an uncommon experience to receive notes on a first draft that were directly in line with the vision of the script.  Vicki looked past rough writing to find the story and meaning underneath it all.  She gave notes that were perfectly relevant to my level of writing, focusing on what really matters.  I not only walked away with amazing notes but also encouragement and motivation to keep writing.”

–Joel Cheek, Thousand Oaks, CA


–Barbara N. Harrington, L.A.